DH9: Plexiglass Star Wars Style, Permanent Attraction Closures & Disney’s 3 Peoplemovers

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Disney Hacks Episode 9

Hey Disney Hackers welcome back to the Disney Hacks podcast! On this show Gregg and I dove into the newly canceled attractions at Walt Disney World. Which attraction closures were a surprise and which ones were expected. RIP Primeval Whirl.

We’ll also go in depth on what the experience is like now with Disney’s most technologically advanced ride. How have the queue and various ride elements changed during COVID and is the ride worse or better because of it. Then we finish by discussing Disney’s 3 Peoplemovers and why you should probably pass through Houston sooner rather than later.

Episode Notes

Houston’s Subway is Disney’s 3rd and sometimes forgotten Peoplemover. It probably doesn’t have long left so you probably should go see it sooner rather than later!

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Shawn Coomerhttp://www.disneyhacks.com
I grew up an hour from Disneyland and spent most of my childhood at Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom. As I grew up my love of theme parks and Disney grew as did my love of travel. For the past 13 years I have circled the globe with my family for pennies on the dollar. I am an expert at travel hacking, saving money, family travel and of course Disney.

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