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More Disney. Less Money. Hosted by Shawn Coomer (Founder of Miles to Memories), we show you how to save time & money on Disney.

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Meet the Hosts

Shawn Coomer

Founder of Disney Hacks & Miles to Memories

Shawn Coomer is the founder of Disney Hacks and its sister site Miles to Memories. He has spent the past 13 years circling the globe for pennies on the dollar. As part of his travels Shawn has been on 1,000+ roller coasters & has visited every Disney park in the world at least three times. His proudest Disney moment was completing a Disney around the world trip in 2019 with his wife & daughter. Over the course of 6 weeks they visited all 6 Disney resorts.

Shawn is an expert in travel rewards, credit cards and saving money. He earns and redeems millions of miles to fly around the globe, stay in nice hotels and most importantly to save money on Disney both at home and overseas. He founded Disney Hacks to share his skills and to teach others how to experience more Disney for less money.

Gregg Condon

Founder of Park Journey

At a very early age Gregg found his love for Disney during once-a-year family trips to Disneyland, even attending the opening day for the original Star Tours completely by accident. Growing up in Southern California, Gregg continued his love for theme parks and passed on that love to his two children, who grew up going to Disneyland once a month. Gregg continues to visit theme parks and travel with his wife of almost 25 years.

Gregg is the Editor In Chief of the Theme Park blog Park Journey. With over 15 years of Theme Park Blogging experience, Gregg has visited over 50 different theme parks and ridden over 300 different roller coasters. What Gregg lacks in travel tips, he more than makes up for in theme park knowledge.