Disneyland Paris 200 MPH High Speed Train: Why It’s A Convenient & Cool Option!

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Disneyland Paris High Speed Train Review

I grew up less than an hour from Disneyland and spent much of my younger years riding the Disneyland Railroad. Those rides are no doubt to blame for my lifelong obsession with trains. While I truly love roller coasters and theme parks, give me a simple train and I’m still a happy camper. Don’t judge. 🙂

Anyway, my love of trains has paired perfectly with my love of travel over the years. I have ridden Amtrak longhaul sleeper trains here in the United States, Japanese Shinkansen bullet trains, Chinese high speed & sleeper trains and tons of others! I have even occasionally experienced a high speed European train as well.

Speaking of European trains, did you know that you can take a 200 MPH high speed train directly from the airport to Disneyland Paris? It’s pretty darn cool, but blinking will cause you to miss the scenery on the short 9-10 minute ride.

Disneyland Paris High Speed Train
The Disneyland Paris high speed train inside the station at Charles de Gaulle Airport.

Disneyland Paris 200MPH Train Overview

On our recent Disney around the world trip my family and I stayed our last night out by Disneyland Paris at an apartment hotel. We were glad to be nearby, because that gave us a chance to ride the TGV Train from Disneyland Paris (Marne La Vallee – Chessy) to Paris CDG Airport.

Buying Tickets Is Simple

Buying tickets for the Disneyland Paris high speed train from the airport is super easy. You can no doubt use ticket agents, but I have had success just purchasing directly from the French Railway company SNCF. They allow you to search and book directly on their website.

Disneyland Paris High Speed Train Review

Ticket Price

While it is going to vary based on when you purchase the tickets, surprisingly the high speed rail tickets between Paris Charles de Gaulle airport and Disneyland Paris aren’t expensive at all. Looking at upcoming months, it seems the cheapest is about €15 and it goes up to €20. More popular times can of course drive the price up. Planning ahead should net you a decent price.

Also keep in mind that children 3 and under sitting on their parent’s lap are free while children 4-11 are half price.

Picking Up Tickets & Boarding

On my recent trip I purchased the tickets online and was easily able to pick up my tickets at the train station from an automated kiosk. Simple and easy! When boarding expect that your ticket will be checked several times and that you will need to go through security in order to go into the boarding area.

The On Board Experience

The Disneyland Paris high speed train doesn’t just run between those two points, so when you board there will already be other people on the double decker train. Keep in mind your seats are preassigned and you might be in a seat facing another seat or in a standard row. (See pics above.)

Honestly by the time you get on and get settled, you’ll look outside to notice how fast the train is moving and then you’ll feel the brakes as it slows down going into the airport. It only takes 9 minutes.

Disneyland Paris High Speed Train Review
Marne La Vallee – Chessy station. Just seconds outside of Disneyland Paris.

The Stations

While we only rode the high speed train one-way from the Disneyland Paris resort to the airport, both stations are very modern and large with plenty of shops & seating. In the airport we found the station was a bit of a long walk from our terminal, however some gates were much closer. Pretty much what can happen at any big airport with public transport. Overall these are safe and clean stations with plenty of people making the same trek.

Uber vs. Disneyland Paris High Speed Train

Depending on the time of the day and how busy it is, an Uber from the Disneyland Paris area to the airport can take an hour or more and cost €50-€60. If you have a large family then it might make sense to get a shuttle or Uber, however for people staying on property or nearby Disneyland Paris the high speed train is a very fast and convenient option!

Bottom Line

I have been able to check off so many of my train related bucket list items over the years, however on my previous visits to Paris I had neglected this. I’m glad I finally got to ride the Disneyland Paris high speed train because it’s a great connection between France’s largest airport and its most magical place.

Shawn Coomerhttp://www.disneyhacks.com
I grew up an hour from Disneyland and spent most of my childhood at Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom. As I grew up my love of theme parks and Disney grew as did my love of travel. For the past 13 years I have circled the globe with my family for pennies on the dollar. I am an expert at travel hacking, saving money, family travel and of course Disney.

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