Disney Hacks Episode 2: Evolution of Disneyland, Why MaxPass Is Worth It & Our Favorite Rides

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Disney Hacks Podcast Episode 2

Last Thursday episode one of the Disney Hacks podcast was released and we thought it would be fun to follow up quickly with episode 2! We’ll have episode 3 a week from today before we move to a biweekly schedule going forward.

Episode Description

In this episode Shawn and Gregg take a deeper look at the Disneyland Resort. They dive into the evolution of the resort, discuss their favorite Disneyland rides plus explain why Disney’s Maxpass is absolutely worth the money despite the cost. Shawn also dives into his own Disney story as well.

Episode Notes

  • 2:05 – Favorite Disneyland things
  • 7:01 – The evolution of Disneyland
  • 10:15 – Disneyland and Disney California Adventure history
  • 15:14 – Maxpass
  • 23:32 – Shawn’s Disney background
  • 29:24 – Favorite Disneyland rides

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Disney Hacks Episode 2 – Final Thoughts

I hope our love of Disneyland and our decades of experience with the park came through in this episode. I’ve done a lot of Disney, but nothing is more special than the original park, especially considering the ride selection and the history.

I hope you enjoy this episode, because it was fun recording! See you next Tuesday for Episode 3!

Shawn Coomerhttp://www.disneyhacks.com
I grew up an hour from Disneyland and spent most of my childhood at Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom. As I grew up my love of theme parks and Disney grew as did my love of travel. For the past 13 years I have circled the globe with my family for pennies on the dollar. I am an expert at travel hacking, saving money, family travel and of course Disney.

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